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  • Are you facing amputation?
  • Are you getting the information you need?
  • Have you an amputee in the family and want to be of more help?
  • Does junior have an artificial limb?
  • Are you and they coping?
  • Are you distant from limb centre help?
  • Your limb and you? A marriage made in heaven or...?

These and many other questions are answered in Alan Lewin's book LIFE & LIMB

Alan is a skilled writer and amputee and his book explains the process from primary consultation through to rehabilitation and fitting from a patient's point of view.


To order your copy, write to:
America Australia New Zealand Europe
American Amputee Found. Inc. Northern Territory Amputee Assoc c/o Jo Mead 3 Manor Courtyard
National Headquarters PO Box 160 Dairy Bull Dairy Hughenden Avenue
PO Box 250218 Humpty Doo Main Street High Wycombe
Little Rock NT 0836 Bulls Bucks
AR 72225 USA Australia New Zealand HP13 5RE England
US$ 29.00 AU$ 32.50 NZ$ 25.50 UK£ 11.00

When ordering your book, please mention that you saw about it on the Internet because Plasma Print are offering to give UK£1 to the Limbless Association (registered charity No. 803533) for every book of the current print run sold via the Internet.

Or e-mail for further information.